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jc-new12My name is Joel Comm, and as I travel around the world, I meet people from all walks of life. When you meet someone for the first time, what’s the first question that you ask them? The most popular question asked is “So, what do YOU do?”

I have discovered that when we stop long enough to truly listen to the answer, we discover something very special.

You see, I believe every person on the face of the earth is created with unique passions, talents, skills, abilities and personality that make them unlike anyone else who has ever lived! And when we are doing what we were made to do, we each bring a unique value to the world. That means you, too!

It’s not just the so-called “gurus” that have something to say. I believe that it is the people in our neighborhood – the doctors, pastors, teachers, photographers, writers, business people and others – who every day have the the greatest impact on the world around them!

Yes, it’s true. You are surrounded by genius!

And by asking one simple question, “So, what do YOU do?”, we unlock each other’s story and open a doorway to give and receive value from each other.

That’s why I am excited to present you with my new book.


So, What Do YOU Do? Vol 2

Discovering the Genius Next Door with One Simple Question – NAMS Edition


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In the past, I have written about strategies for making money online, social media and Internet marketing. My book, The AdSense Code, was a New York Times Best-Seller. And Twitter Power became the most popular book in the world on using Twitter for business.

Through all of the strategies I have shared over the years, the common thread is less about strategies and more about being who you are made to be and communicating your passions authentically through the content you publish, the way you use social media and the business you build. This book is the next step in my natural progression to inspire you to be the best you possible!

Who knew the neighbors were geniuses? Personally, the book is this introvert’s practical guide to discovering the greatness that exists around you. I’ve realized how connected we all truly are, despite our divergent paths and passions. In each story there is an inspiring tale of how challenges and disappoints can be overcome with grace and perseverance to reveal the hero, the champion, the genius within. It’s amazing how so much can come from simply sharing your story – no matter how ordinary and mundane it seems to you. I am encouraged. Not only did I glean inspiration from these stories, but my eyes have been opened to see that maybe (just maybe) my simple life makes me a genius, too, and that there’s someone out there whose life will be changed when they hear my story. – Myia (from

My reasons for writing this book now are two-fold:

1) In this tough economic times, I want to demonstrate that the real producers in our economy are those living on our own streets. They follow their God-given passions and seek to bring value through their expertise.

and, more importantly…

2) It is my hope that reading these stories will not only provide you with valuable information, but that they will INSPIRE you to pursue and live out your passions! You bring great value to the world around you, and the world NEEDS what you have to offer!

Good ideas from a lot of real-world people. This inspirational book is ideal to get a “quick jolt of good” when you need some ideas. It is packed with stories about individuals who succeeded in spite of difficulties. I also loved the practical guides showing how to make progress. Good to have this hanging around when you need that quick “pick me up” from an inspirational text. – Terry Brock (from

In this book, you will discover forty-six unique geniuses who are incredibly passionate about what they do, including:


  • so-what-do-you-do-authorsThe writer who is leaving a legacy of love, meaning and success.
  • The publisher who can make your mouth water by using the power of words.
  • The entrepreneur who takes his friends all over the world with him on cruises.
  • The great-granddaugher of Frank Lloyd Wright who discovered her own creative journey in design.
  • The young girl who’s grandfather inspired her with hope to continue on, learn and become the best she could be all with a simple tin can.
  • The nutritionist who entertains and educates her readers through laughter and humorous play on words.
  • The writer who educates children through stories and teaches them how to create their own.
  • The accountant who found a deeper fulfillment in life through spirituality.
  • The mom who makes it her mission to savor the precious moments and to find joy in the little things in life.
  • The entrepreneur who, after being told he couldn’t write, learned how to write powerful and successful content and teaches it to others.
  • The artist who developed his core strengths to create a life worth living.
  • The grandma who discovered her entrepreneurial spirit through a jelly donut.
  • The marketer who hit rock bottom and turned his business into gold.
  • The project manager who helps others escape from a life of overwhelm.
  • and many, many more!

Awesome compilation – at an unbelievable price. The stories are edited very well and make a strong point. Anyone who reads the book will find a story that closely relates to them. This is definitely a great idea of book writing. Hope many people are inspired to embark on their life’s journey, reading the struggles of people who have lived before us. – Indu (from

Not only will you be inspired as you read these extraordinary stories of everyday people living out their passion, but you’ll gain specific insights and strategies to help in your life…. strategies such as:

  • Proof that you are creative and how to bring it into your business.
  • How to improve your mindset towards your website so you standout online.
  • How much of difference changing the titles you use in your message can be.
  • How to take notice and appreciate the little things in life.
  • How to master the five factors for online success in any niche.
  • How to overcome despair.
  • How to grow your business through joint ventures, list building and product creation.
  • How to escape overwhelm.
  • How to get up after life knocks you down.
  • How to put yourself back on track with a few simple steps.
  • How persistence is key to your business.
  • How networking and connections can change your life.
  • How to break down your money goals into achievable amounts.
  • How to protect your website from getting hacked.

Yes, this 220-page book is absolutely PACKED with value, and I know it will be something you will refer to again and again for inspiration and guidance.

The stories are inspiring like Chicken Soup For The Soul, but they are written by people that Joel Comm has interacted with in his career as a speaker and author. I was instantly taken away to the slums of India when I first opened the book and read about a volunteer who felt powerless to do anything to help the people he was serving and how he managed to create something of lasting value for people who need medical care. That was just the first story! This book will make a permanent nightstand friend. When you go to bed, before you settle in, take a few minutes to read one story and go to sleep feeling good about the world. – Micheal Savoie (from

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Opportunity to Be Featured in the Third Edition of So, What Do You Do!

Due to the strong reception this book has already received, I’ve had a number of people ask if I would be featuring more geniuses in the future. As a reader of So What Do You Do, you will have the opportunity to apply to be in the third edition of the book, which I may start in 2015! This opportunity is for people who are serious about sharing their story with the world. You can read more about it once you are in the members site!

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